Friday, September 05, 2008


It has been a very long week for being such a short damn week. I am so thankful it is finally Friday, the kids will be at their dad's, and we will get to share some peace and quiet.

Yeah, right.

I'm not entirely sure peace and quiet exists in our house. But we'll try, anyway.


The Wall:

Because of the issues we'd been having with Neighbor and Ghost Hunter, it began to seem like not such a good idea to take her up on her offer to hang my work on her walls. More and more she was striking me as the type of person who isn't really capable of separating business and personal. Which is fine while things are good, but becomes problematic should something not so good happen. I may refer to them as snaps and have a hard time really considering them art, but when I get so high seeing them printed I know that framing them and hanging them in a public space would be so much more so. They are, really, my babies. I just do not feel comfortable putting them in a situation where a single tantrum might put them in harm's way.

And that's really what I felt like there was a risk of.

If my photographs are going to hang, I think I would much prefer them to go up somewhere that the relationship is strictly business.

The Etsy Shop:

Has been up and running for a couple of weeks. I plan on making some changes to it this weekend, including, possibly adding more prints. I have purchased two "advertising" spots on the etsy site, one of which will run on Sunday. Hopefully this will get me some business.

It would be very nice to get this off the ground and see what comes of it.


Has been kicking my tail and I'm tired and I very much wish my Shuffle was working correctly and that I had more money so that I could fill it up with lots more good music. But I've been getting by with Watershed on repeat. It's not a perfect solution, but it's ok for now. I can things of worse things to listen to than k.d. lang. Because, also, yum!

Is That It?

I don't know. Is it?

If there's something you're waiting for me to update about, please let me know.

Goddess knows I could use the material.

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