Saturday, September 20, 2008

Friday Night Review

We hit the town last night to celebrate a birthday.


Along the way we met Isaac. He got all duded up on Thursday with a spiffy new haircut, so he was out on the town and making a great impression.

He was so cute I could hardly stand it. 16 months old. His dad said he's about 89 pounds now, with about 20 more to go before he's done growing.

You probably don't know this, but I love Schnauzers. They are on my short list of "dogs I'd love to own". Until last night, I was set on a Standard Schnauzer (Mittelschnauzer), but I think Isaac sold me on Giant Schnauzers (Riesenschnauzer).

We finally got to meet Chief's girlfriend last night. I've got pictures and everything, but I'll get to that later, when I get the rest of the pictures sorted.

How cute is my brother-in-law and his honey?

Also, I know I was really drunk last night, but, clearly, I was more drunk than I thought. How else could I have missed whatever the hell is going on in this snap?

This, so that you know, was taken after SweetPea's mom was informed that the pink bandana means "dildo". (Please understand that the link contains adult themes and you maybe shouldn't make clickies if you're a prude)(or vanilla)(although, I guess, if you aren't vanilla, you probably already knew what I was referring to and don't need to click, anyway).

PS: Do I know what day it is? Apparently not so much. I'm going to blame this on playing hooky yesterday, even though the real culprit is probably the vodka. Oopsie! (because, originally, this post was titled "Saturday Night Review")

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