Thursday, September 04, 2008

Capitol Dawg

On Sunday, SweetPea, the Monkeys and I took a break from the Street Festival and walked down to Capitol Dawg. SweetPea had been whining about mentioned wanting to get a hot dog. It seemed like a cute little place, so I told her I'd buy her a wiener.

I went in there fully expecting to order french fries and a soda. I mean, a vegetarian in a glorified hot dog stand doesn't really stand a chance, right?

Imagine my surprise when I realized that they not only served a vegan hot dog, but, also, vegetarian chilli and a veggie corn dog.

I'm hoping it does not surprise you to find out that, yes, I ended up with a chilli dog (with onions - num!) and a corn dog. Because I could.

MonkeySee also ordered a chilli dog, although the regular "meat" version. What was totally awesome is that they put the chilli dogs together in a way that you can actually pick them up and eat them like a regular hot dog, and not get chilli all over the place. I mean, sure, it's also good when eating them requires a fork and knife, but it's so much easier when you can just pick them up. Especially when you intend to go back to a Festival and not with chilli all over your shirt.

The onions were easy to pick off.

Everything was really good. The fries were the perfect degree of crisp and served up fresh and hot. MonkeySee was unimpressed with the YooHoo that came with the kids' meal. MonkeyDo said it tasted like drinking pudding. The owner was in and made it a point to say hi and make chit-chat with everyone. Apparently they are not usually open on Sundays, but had opened up because of the festival (a good move on their part - especially given that their neighbors, Jack's Urban Eats, was closed while we were there). It's a fun little shop, with seating indoors and out, and it doesn't take itself too seriously.

I'm definitely looking forward to making this a part of our downtown adventures. They're open until midnight Friday and Saturday - plenty late for us old folks to grab a dog before heading home.

I would link you up to the Capitol Dawg website, but it appears to be having issues.

Otherwise, Capitol Dawg totally gets the win.


Anonymous said...

capital dawg is awesome eats after a long ass night of playing pool and slamming brewskis. A hell of a good idea before driving home..

elphie said...

I'm hungry.

dolphyngyrl said...

I wouldn't know, Chief, you don't play pool with me.