Monday, August 11, 2008

My Brain Won't Shut Up

Sorry, Y'all:

Things I can't stop picking over:

1. Am I going to need a business license (fictitious name permit, tax stuff)?
2. How am I dealing with getting all this crap printed and framed?
3. How far is this going to push back the opening of the etsy shop (if at all)?
4. What if somebody notices I'm a big old fraud with a snazzy camera?
5. Where the hell am I going to get the time to deal with all this?


I really hate how passive-aggressive my coworkers can be.

There's a woman in my office who has severe allergies. So severe, in fact, that her allergist gave her an epi-pen to keep with her, just in case. Not only is she allergic to pretty much everything that is or was alive, she is also sensitive to fragrances.

Repeated emails have gone out asking people to refrain from wearing fragrances or using lotions with fragrances, it's been brought up in meetings, and this woman has personally spoken with the offending parties. Still it continues.

How much of an inconsiderate jackinape do you have to be to risk putting someone's life at risk just because you don't like the fact that she's asked you to stop wearing perfume?

The sad thing is, I'm pretty sure I know who she's talking about, and they are exactly the type of people to continue doing something just because she had the audacity to ask them to stop.


From what I understand, I get to serve Neighbor's neice with walking papers when I get home tonight.

Now, one's grandmother should not have to serve eviction papers. One should have the consideration for others to take responsibility for ones' self and get the hell out. Take care of your shit, that's all I'm asking.

Of course, this woman (and I'm using the term very loosely) is a rant of its own caliber. So, for now, let me just say that I will very much enjoy serving this girl with her walking papers, and I dare her to try to start shit with me when I do it.

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