Thursday, August 07, 2008

Every Day is a New Day

A Tale of Two Monkeys

Sunday morning, one Monkey woke up, plopped down at my feet and, after a moment asks "Mom, can I go do my chores?"

One Monkey woke up, plopped down at my feet and, after a moment asks "Mom, can I go make myself breakfast?"

Can you guess which Monkey is which?

Ghetto Much?

We ran some errands last night and were driving home past the gas station we normally use. I'm looking at the cars and the people there, when I see some guy reach into the back of his waistband and pull out a semi-automatic pistol. Then I notice the other guy with his gun drawn and the third guy who was down on the ground.

I know some of you may be thinking "dude, sounds like a normal Wednesday" but dude! OK, we may not live in the best area ever, but guns drawn in broad daylight in a busy gas station on a busy street? Totally doesn't happen that often where we are.

At first, all I could think was that we needed to get the hell out of dodge before actual bullets started flying. SweetPea was the first to think that we should, you know, contact the authorities. So she gets on the phone with 911 and, so she could concentrate on the call, pulled into the suicide lane and put the truck in park.

Yes she did.

While she's on the phone with 911, she looks over and notices that there's a cop sitting in a nearby parking lot. On break, waiting for a call, watching traffic for idiots, I don't know. So she hands me the phone and pulls into the parking lot next to the cop. I'm on the phone with emergency and she's talking to the cop and we're both basically telling them the same story.

I get off the phone and the cop pulls out, and we decide it would be a good idea to find us a nice spot where we could watch the fireworks. The camera just happened to be in the truck, so I pulled that out and started putting the long lens on while SweetPea found us a good spot.

Once we were settled and I started trying to get some snaps, I noticed the dude with the body armor over his shirt that had "POLICE" in the big, yellow letters. You know how they do. Then it clicked in my head that it was the cops with the guns, that it was some kind of sting operation, and that I was trying to take snaps of what would be undercover officers.

And then I turned the camera off and put it away.

Because as totally freaking awesome as it would be to have snaps of that going down, I would be physically incapable of not sharing them because OMG! Cool pics! And I will not post snaps of undercover officers. So there was just not point taking them.

Speaking Of

I uploaded some things to last night. It is appearing that I will have to actually crop the snaps first to the correct size, and then upload them. mpix has a thing where, if you order a square pic, it will let you adjust the crop for that pic, but it does not appear to have a way to save the cropped version. It appears, also, that there's no quick reorder. So, if I used their system to do the cropping, I'd have to either order all 20 prints for each run at one time, or no two would ever be exactly alike.

I guess the extra steps are no big deal, but I haven't had a lot of on-the-computer time (at home) lately (no matter what SweetPea thinks), and dealing with cropping and editing images is a time, energy and brain suck.

And I'm tired.

I also need to figure out how I'm going to handle shipping. As far as packaging goes. WalMart was no help at last night, so I suspect this is going to require a trip to an office supply store. Or the post office.

Did I mention being tired?

Oh. Yeah, I thought I might have.


Anonymous said...

MonkeyDo=Chores, MonkeySee=Breakfast ?

Anonymous said...

Try the UPS store for shipping. I have found it to be about the same if not cheaper than the Post Office and the lines are shorter