Thursday, July 24, 2008

Things I Don't Understand

1. Why the butter at work always has to be the hard kind. Doesn't appear to matter which brand is bought, it's always hard.

2. Why people at work consider it acceptable to leave toast crumbs in communal butter.

3. Why people on the freeway don't get the concept that they shouldn't be slowing down until they are on the offramp. That last mile of freeway does not count as offramp.

4. Why it's so hard to figure out that, when you lie to me, I reflexively flip into "I'm going to own your nads" mode.

5. Why nobody reads anything before they check the box and sign it.

6. When I became physically incapable of getting up when the alarm goes off.

7. Why there's never enough diet soda in the snack shop.

8. When codejnki became such a raging sap.

9. Why my lunch won't pack himself.

10. Why I am so damn impatient.

11. What the hell is wrong with statcounter.

12. If a serving size is two, why does it come packaged in sets of three?

13. What the hell happened to my "diet"?


Wine Dog said...

They handed my my final paycheck on Monday and asked me if it was ok. Hell if I know, I can't read the print on those little tiny numbers.

It's not a "diet" it's a lifestyle change. Diets suck. Lifestyles are to be lived.

dolphyngyrl said...

You know, some things I understand. Like teeny weeny font. But when there's a twelve point font question asking you if you've been convicted of a crime in the last two years, why would you check yes if the answer is no?

dolphyngyrl said...

PS: "lifestyle change"? Is that like going from heterosexual to not so much?

Anonymous said...