Thursday, July 17, 2008

Snappity Snap

I brought the camera in to work today in the hopes of getting some snaps of our resident Swainson's Hawks.

We are lucky enough to have a mated pair that returns every year to nest in one of the trees right outside our office windows. These guys are the only reason I can forgive a windy day. They love to glide around on the gusts!

This year's clutch of two has grown up awful quickly. They're already zipping around on practice flights.

I have tried on each and every break to get a good snap of one of them in flight. I'm pretty sure I've failed.

They're still so new to flight that they're going on little short hops, and it seems like they're trying to get where they're going just as fast as possible.

Not that I blame them, it's scary that high!

Mom and dad haven't been soaring around nearby like they used to. I'm guessing because the juniors are now big enough that they don't have to worry too much about them. They're not going to get eaten by a crow, and they're good enough at flying that they probably won't plummet to their deaths.

I do wish that I'd had the determination to do this earlier in the year. Especially during all those damn windy days. There were some pretty spectacular fights with the crows.

I'll find out for sure how I did when I get home and can upload them and see them on a real screen.

I know I did get at least one good loaded honeybee shot. And the tail end (literally) of a hummingbird.

If I get anything good, I may post some tonight.

Speaking of picture posting, I know it's only day three, but how do you like the daily photo?

Also speaking of picture posting, tomorrow is MonkeyDo's Horse Camp Show! The thing I love about where her Horse Camp is located is that there's lots and lots of cool things to photograph. I haven't decided what I'm going to aim for while I'm waiting tomorrow. Maybe peacocks or old buildings, or the old farm equipment.

I guess it'll be a surprise!

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