Sunday, July 06, 2008

It Started with a Bang

I went out to the porch last night for what I intended to be my last smoke before going to bed. While I was sitting there, a bunch of teenagers ran out of the house kitty-corner from us and lit off a bottle rocket in the street.

I wasn't even a little bit interested in playing this game two nights in a row, especially not directly in front of my house. I sent SweetPea a text message and told her to call the cops.

After a bit, she came on out and sat with me on the front porch while we waited. Kids were going in and out of that house, and the party was thumping.

Shortly after midnight, another bunch of teenagers came running out of the house and this time they lit off two bottle rockets.

About one-thirty, three cruisers pull up and three officers pile out and head up to the door. The kids try to fake like nobody was home, until the cops are banging and shouting and finally a kid comes out. Officer gives him a lecture about not opening the door. Then another kid comes out. Obviously drunk. Too drunk to lie when the officer asks him how old he is.


With that, the cops were in the house. You could hear them in there from across the street. Pretty soon some kid came out front and proceeded to puke his guts out right by the front door. Given the volume of puke that was coming out (sounding mostly like pure liquid), it's a wonder dude was still mobile.

On another note, seventeen years old, passed out and naked in a house full of kids is not where you want to be when the cops show up.

Parents start showing up for kids. One of the officers came over to chat with us. It seems there were 16 and 17 year olds, plus some 22 to 25 year olds. Parents aren't home. Said there was a wall of empty beer cans, and the house reeked of marijuana. The cops did say that a lot of the kids in there were good kids, that maybe didn't know what they were getting themselves into when they came to the party.

After about an hour, everyone has cleared out and the cops pull up stakes to move on. A few minutes later, a half naked boy comes leaping over their back fence, goes to the front door to get a buddy, and comes over the our next door neighbor's to get another buddy.

As they're walking back to the house, they're muttering at each other. As they get close to the door, you can hear clear as day "queer" and "faggot".

At which point I kind of snort because, seriously, is that the best you've got?

After a few minutes, they come back to the door, yelling through the security door about "queer" and "faggots" and how they're going to kick our asses. At this point I turn to SweetPea and tell her that I'll be right back, I've got to use the restroom.

Of course I didn't.

Of course I called the cops back out.

Apparently, while I was in there, they also yelled about how we needed to keep a close eye on the Monkeys.

They go back in the house, turn the music up, laugh and party it up for awhile longer. And then come back to the door and start yelling some more about queer and faggot and how they're going to kill us.

Not too long after that, we get one, then two, then three cruisers tearing up our street with their lights off. Knock on the door, same story. "Nobody home". Finally they get inside, and one of the officers comes over to tell us how they've got both boys.

No, officer, there's three boys.

He goes tearing back across the street and they find dipshit number three hiding in the bushes in the backyard.

Then cruisers four and five come tearing down the street, lights off.

We've now got all three cops we had before, plus two more. We've got two sargeants.

We're advised that, yes, threatening us with physical violence while using slurs does qualify as a hate crime. We're also advised that we can sue the parents civilly for creating repeated disturbances in the neighborhood.

One sargeant advises us that they'll be sending letters to the parents about the incident, and about how much repeated issues may end up costing them financially ($20,000). Also, he will be visiting the parents, personally, to chat with them about the situation. And (this is my favorite part) he's making that house his personal pet project.

Things may be wrapped up for right now, and I'm sure whatever kids live in our neighborhood have passed out by now, but I'm sure it's not over. I have no idea if the little shits are dumb enough to try to retaliate, but the thought has me on edge.

With the exception of an hour nap yesterday morning, I've been up for 24 hours. SweetPea is sleeping now, and, when she gets up, I'll go take a nap.

Later today, groceries. Usually I'm doing the shopping right about now, but oh, well.


elphie said...

Fuckin' A!!

Gruppie Girl said...

Wow! What can I say? Not feeling safe in your own home has to be the most terrifying thing in the world.

So sorry.