Sunday, July 13, 2008

Friday Night Out

On Friday night, SweetPea, Neighbor and I went downtown to meet a friend for dinner. I had wrangled him up from the internets due to a mutual interest in photography. He doesn't live in California, but has been in town on business for a couple of weeks now. We've been trying to meet up, but things keep falling through. We finally got together for dinner Friday night, and then headed down to the club and met up with another friend and her friend.

I'm really glad we got to meet Wil. He's so charming I can hardly stand it.

Neighbor was a little annoyed, because here we were going off to meet another NOT A FEMME and, frankly, she's getting a little tired of all the not meeting femmes. Turns out, though, she and Wil know each, but haven't chatted for awhile. So they had a grand time shooting the shit and checking out girls.

Karina was meeting up with her friend Shelley down at the bar, so we ended up meeting them there.

We checked out the pool for a bit, then headed to the patio so we could people watch the street traffic. My favorite pastime!
In case you were paying attention, yes, I did say there was a pool in the club. Swimming, not billiards. Here's proof:

This guy was the only one swimming while we were there. At a certain point, he got out, wrapped a towel around his waist, took off his swim suit (the brief kind, not trunks), and then wandered off somewhere, leaving his regular shorts there on the lounge chair. EEW!

I love when plans go exactly the way you didn't plan them, and that works out better than planning would have.

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