Sunday, June 08, 2008

Topic Schmopic

Yesterday I wanted to get up, get some exercise in and then get some work done around the house, but I couldn't drag ass into action to get it taken care of.

Today I had to get down to the grocery store early enough to get back with enough time to prep salad and fruit for a potluck picnic we're having to celebrate the end of the school year (huzzah!). So I set my alarm for early. When it goes off, I get up, get directly into the shower, take care of my lotioning, start a load of dishes, more lotioning, get dressed, then out the door in one hour, fifteen minutes.


So not fair.

Of course, I do wish it were nap time now, but whatever.

I bought eggs this morning for the first time in probably over a year. I also bought a variety of cheeses, including some fresh mozzarella balls in water. I really really wanted to not spend the money on them, but I just couldn't put them down. I also picked up some Boca Bruschetta patties, and I fully intend to serve them with a ball of mozza smooshed on top. We had the patties last night for dinner and they are really good. I think we need to pick up some good sourdough to go with them... Yummy!

I'm thinking about starting a separate blog for all the food & weight stuff. And I know one of you just sighed and said "do you need another blog?" Whatever, SweetPea! I love you, too!

Oh and one of my test orders arrived in the mail yesterday. It looked pretty good (and how fast is that shipping?), except for on the back where it says who printed it. Maybe not a big deal, but I think that, if it was me, and I was buying "art", I wouldn't want to flip it over and see "WalMart One Hour" printed on the back. Does that make me a snob?

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Anonymous said...

I SO wanted to get some water play in with the Grandparents... and the kids... Like a water balloon toss... Maybe hot potato... Or some other water games...