Monday, June 30, 2008

Random Whining

I feel rather like a train wreck.

Between the allergies and all the nasty smoke that's been in the air recently, I've been prone to such violent sneezing fits that I have actually worn a hole in my nasal cavity.

Yeah, ouch!

Ever since Friday, my sneezing fits have been bloody. You just can't imagine how attractive that is. And then, this morning, I discovered that my nose hurts. A lot. Mainly one one side (duh, the side with the hole).

I'm not sure I could possibly be enjoying my allergies more.

To top that off, it appears that one of my salivary glands is swollen. There's a sentence I never dreamed I'd utter.

I still have not heard from my interview, although I have a friend doing recon for me to try to get more information.

I also have not yet gotten my results from the exam last week. I was told within a week, and tomorrow's a week. I guess I have to be patient.

Anyway, I totally would have something more exciting for you, except that I can't seem to hold a train of thought for very long.

The Monkeys are going to their dad's either tonight or tomorrow. As much as I worry about them over there, I'm glad for the break. And I guess they enjoy it.

At some point soon I hope to tell you all about why I think SweetPea may have bumped her head, about my cravings, and, possibly, about why my boss rocks, even though I plan on ditching his ass at the very first opportunity. Also, I may even get into our tales of Pride Cursery.

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