Friday, June 27, 2008

Lesbian Christmas

OK, fine.

We're going to Dyke March.

It had been up in the air, what with coordinating too many people with too many agendas. In fact, our plan for a day or two was to hit both Dyke March on Saturday and the Pride Parade on Sunday and drive home in between.

Let me do the math for you... That leaves about 10 minutes for sleeping.

The final plan is heading down for Dyke March. Leaving earlier than we need to and packing a picnic lunch. And lots of water. Even though nobody is thrilled about the prospect of using the available facilities.


We are bringing the Monkeys, even though it's their father's weekend. Because someone let him believe that our reception is this weekend.

No, it wasn't me.

Tomorrow I will be up early to go to the store to procure meats for the omnivores' sandwiches. Also, quite probably the Farmer's Market for fruits to go along with the meats. Followed by making sandwiches, packing a cooler, making sure there is plenty of cold water (because, dude, it has to be cold).

I really need to twease my eyebrows, and I should probably shower. And put make up on. And figure out what I'm wearing.

Because, yes. That is the important part.

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