Monday, June 23, 2008

Choices and Changes

The choices some people make amuse and astound me. Particularly when I have no information other than what I see before me.

Yesterday, on the way home from El Dorado Hills, we stopped for lunch at In-N-Out Burger. We went through the drive-through and ate in the car in the shade.

While we were eating, a truck pulled up in the parking section before us. In the truck were a man, a boy of about 12 (maybe 13), and a dog. In the back of the truck was a mountain bike, and they were towing a boat.

All I could think about while we were sitting there eating was: What the heck? How does that work out?

Dad take the boat out while Jr. goes riding on the trails?


I know that boats docked at Folsom Lake have to get cleared out by July 2nd. It could be that Jr. was tooling around on his bike while dad was getting the boat hitched up.

Heck, it could be any number of things that I haven't thought of. And I guess it doesn't really matter, because it's not like it's my business (even if I am nosey as hell).

Sometimes, the choices people make just confuse me. For example, defense attorneys in the case against Roberto Vellanoweth are contending that he was not drunk at the time of the accident that killed four people, including a nineteen-month old baby.

This is the car he hit.

The street was a residential street in an area where I used to live back when the Monkeys were very wee. In fact, when it was just MonkeySee, I would pop his little behind into the stroller and walk down that street on that sidewalk past that house to go to the store. Or to the post office, so I could weigh him on the scale.

His blood alcohol content has been reported at 0.16%.

While that may not be an incapacitating level to a chronic drunk, it sure as hell is twice the legal limit of 0.08%.

Which is also not to say that the occupants of the LeBaron are faultless. Maybe had they all been buckled in (especially the baby), there would have been less death that rainy day.

The Big Blue Ox:

Babe is at the vet's today, hoping to find out just what the heck is going on with her.

SweetPea had her towed down, and, in classic tradition, she was quiet as a baby when SweetPea got her started. No death rattle like she was doing on the drive home Wednesday.
Bad Babe!

I hope that he can get her figured out and taken care of today or tomorrow.

He must have heard me this morning, though. I told SweetPea that if he "forgot" our appointment again, we would be finding someone else to handle the remainder of any repairs. When she got down there, though, he was waiting and ready for her.

I guess we'll see today if he's keeping clients.

(Oh, hell, who am I kidding? We are so going to be looking for someone new... I'm tired of this BS!)

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