Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Brevity is the Something of Something Else

  1. Yes, we're legally married
  2. The interview seemed to go very well
  3. There were no reporters, no protesters, no crush of couples.
  4. 'Cause we went to the branch office instead of the main hub downtown, duh
  5. Our mamas didn't raise no dipshits
  6. There was a very sweet couple who went before us that were just so cute and excited and gracious and, you know what? It was a joy to see them.
  7. There was a tshirt, shorts and flipflops couple that came after us. Kids. I was sad to see that they seemed to be there alone (or maybe they are just picking up their license today, ceremony later?)
  8. Much to my surprise, Social Security accepted our marriage certificate for a name change
  9. Less surprising, so did Department of Motor Vehicles
  10. The bank visit was quick & easy and I even got called "Mrs."
  11. MonkeyDo maintained a death grip on my fingers throughout the ceremony - more on that later
  12. Four moms cried
  13. I brought my camera and then left it in the truck
  14. You may all bug my dad to hurry up and send me copies so you can see some pictures
  15. Ha ha
  16. I wanted so much to take a nap today and it never happened
  17. Working 10 hours tomorrow
  18. Working 10 hours the day after
  19. Kick my ass fo' sho'
  20. I'll post in more detail tomorrow

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