Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Big Fall

I was doing so good. For, what, two whole weeks? Everything was going swimmingly. Lots of veggies, lots of fiber, significantly smaller portions spaced throughout the day. Actually listening to my body and not just eating because it seemed like a good idea. Well, except for those times when I did eat because it was a good idea, such as when I knew it would be awhile before I could, and I  knew I'd get hungry during that time.

And then that weekend happened, and we spent practically the whole thing "out". I did not go grocery shopping, and I most certainly did not chop up a grip of veggies for salad during the week. I tried to stay the course during that week. I tried to be smart about what I was bringing to eat, and I did manage to maintain smaller portions and listened to my body.

Then last week, there was potluck and lunch out and a four day work week and did I mention that there's now cake in the house? Uh. Yeah.

I'm still eating a lot less than I was before I started on the salad kick, which is good. Peaches and cherries and strawberries are in season - huzzah! On Sunday when we were at the river, I ate a bunch of cherries, two kinds of salad, and my fake-meat sandwich. That was it. And then, when we got home, we fed the kids dinner, but we were both so tired we just wanted to fall into bed. Screw dinner.

I'm trying to ease back into it. Today I packed a good day, except for the donuts. Well, you know. I brought salad and I have a container that I stuffed a peach, blueberries, cherries and a couple of strawberries into. Because I have a thing about smooshed food.

I'm going to try to get back into it fully for next week. I have to figure out protein, though. I had a problem where, towards late morning or even after lunch, I would feel shaky. I felt like I was eating enough that it wasn't a calorie issue, so I plugged everything into fitday and was a little surprised at how little protein I was taking in, especially during the day. I know there are lots of good veggie sources of protein, so I'm going to have to make the effort to get them integrated at every meal. When I feel yucky like that, I tend to make bad choices because I'm trying to make myself feel less yucky.

The Java Detour that we tend to stop at makes a fruit smoothie called the Triathlon. It contains 20 grams of protein and vitamins. I need to ask them what kind of protein powder they use, because I'm still not that interested in sucking on ground cow.

As I said before, this is definitely the season where I want to be out doing things. I'd love to go hiking more often and I may need to work that into my weekly schedule. I know I shouldn't go venturing out into the wilderness alone and, fortunately, I have a built-in hiking partner. MonkeySee loves to go hiking and would probably be totally on board with going with me. Of course, sometimes he makes me crazy, so that may not work out as well as it sounds. And there are weekends where he's at his dad's house.

I was feeling so restless last week that I was tempted to shake the Monkeys out of bed early and drag them down to the college to run their track. None of this Couch-to-5K bull, just run. Unfortunately, my lungs are still in the dumper from allergies, and I wouldn't make it very far before falling over in a coughing fit. As attractive as that would be, I decided it might be better to take a pass on that.

I do really want to get moving, though, so I need to come up with a plan for the weekend. I have no idea what, yet. But that's ok, it's only Wednesday.

PS: Did I mention that I'm getting married? 'Cause I totally am!


Wine Dog said...

Didn't seem like that bad of a fall, just a stumble really.

Do you eat eggs, dairy, tofu, soy?

Cottage cheese is a huge protein source for me, but if you don't eat dairy, that's not really helpful. I put it in the blender and mix it in with other stuff, like most recently oatmeal. String cheese is also a decent source of protein, strangely enough. The key is to keep the portion to one of those little package thingies. I hate tofu, but I'll do a stirfry and add it in and I can deal with it then. The crumbly kind not the block of cheese kind.

dolphyngyrl said...

I used to love cottage cheese. For some reason, I haven't been able to stomach the thought of it for quite a while now. It's not that it's dairy, because I still eat cheese.

I was bringing those single-serving cheeses (I had a package of string cheese and a package of colby-jack) and eating them with snack. But one time when I did the shopping I forgot that it was one thing I needed to get. I think that was one of my issues that second week. I had been eating almond butter (fresh ground, not packaged) with my breakfast. That kind of got boring, though, and it's not near as yummy if I'm too lazy to chop up fruit to put on top. Heh.

I can't cook tofu to save my life, except for "scrambling" it into stir-fry. Which I used to have for breakfast, back in the day.

dolphyngyrl said...

PS: I know, but it feels like a fall.