Friday, June 13, 2008

101 Things in 1001 Days

Start Date: June 14th, 2008

End Date: March 12, 2011

The goal is to complete 101 specific tasks in 1001 days. The tasks should be acheivable, yet challenging.

Kind of like your very own personal strategic plan. Only you get five years for a strategic plan. Not 2.74.

1.        Run a 5K
2.        Run a 10K
3.        Run a marathon
4.        Run a half marathon trail run
5.        Go on a hike that involves an overnight stay
6.        Try out for Roller Derby
7.        Follow a vegan diet for one month
8.        Lose 30 pounds
9.        Lose 30 more pounds
10.        Get a massage
11.        Get acupuncture
12.        Give up carbonated beverages for one month
13.        Give up caffeine for two months and log results
14.        Quit smoking
15.        Go on a local hike of more than four miles
16.        Talk with Dr. about getting my allergy and breathing issues under control
17.        Cook dinner from scratch every night for two weeks
18.        Purchase three pairs of quality work shoes (not payless)

19.        Increase monthly income by $1,000 (current total $3,942)
20.        Pay off and cancel two credit cards
21.        No frivolous spending for three consecutive months
22.        Earn $1,000 through photography
23.        Record total amount of money spent for one month
24.        Make a budget and stick to it for three consecutive months
25.        Buy a complete outfit purchased from thrift stores
26.        Get a promotion to make more money doing the job I enjoy
27.        Save up leave time for two full week vacation
28.        4-10 work week
29.        For six consecutive months, place $72 per month (approximate cost of smoking) into a special account and don't touch it for the six months

Learning New Things
30.        Ride a bicycle
31.        Get a sewing machine
32.        Complete one sewing project
33.        Complete one quilt
34.        Take a class and learn how to do something I don't know how to do
35.        Take a yoga class once a week for six weeks

House & Home
36.        Completely de-clutter house
37.        Tile shower
38.        Replace toilet
39.        Replace sink
40.        Replace bathroom floor
41.        Paint bathroom
42.        Paint kitchen
43.        Remove kitchen cabinets, strip, repair, paint, replace
44.        Replace kitchen floor
45.        Install security door on kitchen door
46.        Paint office
47.        Turn office into MonkeySee's  room
48.        Paint MonkeyDo's  room
49.        Replace carpeting
50.        Cultivate backyard
51.        Completely clean & detail Babe
52.        Make emergency "go" kit for the house
53.        Make emergency kit for each vehicle
54.        Get rid of all shoes that don't fit or I am never ever going to wear

Friends & Family
55.        Go on a family vacation by plane
56.        Send a card for everyone's birthday – on time! – for one consecutive year
57.        Send a "just because" care package to a friend
58.        Call a friend I haven't spoken with in over six months
59.        Write and send a Christmas newsletter
60.        Take a new family photo
61.        Do not go online for three consecutive days
62.        Host a slumber party
63.        Help a friend complete a project
64.        Host Thanksgiving dinner
65.        Host Christmas/Eve Open House

66.        Visit a state that does not touch my own
67.        Go to a Sirens game
68.        Go to a Sacred City Roller Girls game
69.        Attend a concert
70.        Go somewhere by boat
71.        Go somewhere by train
72.        Go on a road trip
73.        Go on a road trip with a friend
74.        Use Regional Transit to get to somewhere other than work
75.        Go to Santa Cruz Boardwalk and ride the rides without worrying if I'll be too fat to ride them
76.        Take the kids to the Winchester Mystery House

77.        Maintain Busted Knuckle Blog for one consecutive year
78.        Finish one manuscript
79.        Display photography in an art show
80.        Participate in all 30 days of NaNoWriMo
81.        Participate in all 30 days of NoBloPoMo
82.        Post a gratitude blog once a week for two consecutive months, including new items each week
83.        Submit one piece for publication in a magazine or compilation book
84.        Go to more than one gallery at Second Saturday
85.        Obtain a piece of original art for the wall (not made by either of us)(either purchased or as a gift)
86.        See a play
87.        Try making paper
88.        Update personal blog no less than every other day for three consecutive months
89.        Compose two full weeks of "back up" posts
90.        Get (or at least start) my mermaid tattoos
91.        Make a list of all the books I want to read
92.        Read five books from my list

Doing Good Things
93.        Pack no-waste lunches for two consecutive months
94.        Volunteer five hours (not school related)
95.        Volunteer for an environmental/clean up day
96.        Raise $500 for a non-profit for a walk-a-thon/marathon/fun run
97.        Donate excess items ("clutter") to a non-profit
98.        Implement five strategies to reduce our carbon footprint
99.        Go through books and donate 100 to a local school or public library
100.        Send 20 Christmas cards to troops stationed overseas
101.     Reassess and revise my direct donations through work


Gruppie Girl said...

That is a really lofty list!! I am super impressed and a little jealous of your goal-setting skils.

My list as of this morning consists of giving up Crystal Light and writing thank you notes from my son's birthday party. I was feeling pretty good about my list...until I saw yours. You go girlie!

I have always wanted to go to the Winchester House. Did you see the Ghost Hunters episode about the house?

Good luck and please keep us updated!

dolphyngyrl said...

My list is scary huge! But it's all stuff that I've wanted to do or needed to do and just never seem to make a priority. Well, here you go. Priority.


I'll definitely keep y'all updated!