Saturday, May 31, 2008

Yeses and Such

1. Yes, the fucking Volvo started doing it afuckinggain. For some reason, it only does it when SweetPea drives it. Maybe the Volvo is mad at her for something? Anyway, I almost broke down and cried right there in the car with Neighbor and the Monkeys and everything. I love SweetPea and all, but having one vehicle is kicking both of our asses. I cannot deal anymore it is making me crazy. And I've got it easy.

2. Yes, that's my ring. The one SweetPea gave me for our five year anniversary. Yes, that is my ring's diamond laying there next to my ring. What's that? Yes, yes the diamond is supposed to be in the ring. Why do you ask? I will say that I am fortunate as all get-out that the diamond came out when I had my hand in my pocket, instead of just randomly. That's the one major bonus. Second major bonus was finding a jeweler who was straight with us about the current setting. He explained that, sure, he could just fix it the way it was, but it was just going to do that again, and would we be as lucky the next time, or would we be replacing a diamond? So he's putting in a new setting for it, one that should keep it nice and secure. For a fraction of what the diamond is worth.

3. Yes, SweetPea did pick up another dyke at the store today. This one was there with a girl. We assume girlfriend/partner, but then she got in the back seat, instead of the front seat. Anyway! SweetPea handed off a number and an open invite to join us for driveway parties.

4. Tomorrow we're headed out to Negro Bar with a gang of lesbians to spend the day at the river. Good times. Negro Bar being the name of a beach, not the name of a bar. Yes, back in the olden days it was called a name that started with N that sounded rather similar that I will not be repeating here. And, yes, it was because it was where people who might have been called by that particular N name camped during the gold rush. Now it's a nice little beach right on the American river just below Folsom Dam.

5. We'd be taking the Volvo, but you see how that went.

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