Thursday, May 01, 2008


I actually composed several rants in my head this morning. I was in a very ranty mood.

And then, around lunchtime, I started feeling inappropriately weepy.

Throughout the day, I'd randomly get gigglingly chipper.

So help me, if I'm fixing to start another period, I may just be having a DIY hysterectomy.

Just saying.

Also, because I looked this up, I'd like to point out that within 5 miles of my house, there are five Home Depots, five WalMarts, 26 Starbucks and 18 tattoo parlors. I tried to find out how many strip clubs there were, but it appears they all list themselves under different categories. Ah, suburbia.

Needless to say, no directions in our area should ever involve instructions to look for the Starbucks, the tattoo parlor or the tittie bar.

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