Monday, May 05, 2008

In California, Everyone's Part Mexican

Since today is Cinco de Mayo (and we do live in California), I ended up accidentally making the taco salad tonight. Paired with some "beef style" vegetarian taquitos. Sure, there was no Negra Modelo, but that's ok.

Salad ingredients:

salad mix, refried black beans, Spanish rice, chopped tomatoes & onions, low fat sour cream (hi SweetPea!), shredded cheese and this number:

That be hand chopped, fresh from scratch guacamole right there. My very first time ever making guacamole. It probably didn't have quite the bite that it should have, but that's ok.

The whole thing turned out pretty good, and I've got some leftover rice (and guacamole), so it could be that I'll be having that with my salad for lunch tomorrow. We'll see.

In Other News:

The dove was in the hanging pot again when Monkey Do and I got home.

She was on the gutter right above the door when we got home from Starbucks on Saturday.

To give you some perspective, because of the way our door is situated, when I open the door go to outside, I am literally eye level with the dove. Yesterday when I saw her there, I stopped in my tracks and we both just eyeballed each other. Well, until I took my snap and decided to go about my business. She did fly away when I walked out the door.

Ohmygawd, I'm rambling! Sorry!

I've had a horrid headache most of the day, that, I'm sure, was exacerbated by drinking tons of iced tea and very little water. Oops!

Yeah, ok, boring as hell, I know.

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