Thursday, May 15, 2008

Friends, Roaman's, Countryqueers

1. I am so craving garlic stuffed olives. Like, all the time. I've been packing three for lunch and keeping it at that. But, omg, I want them all the time.

2. Monkey See is putting on a play with his drama class on the 29th. We got to see little bits of it tonight at Open House. That kid is scary good. Like woah.

3. Remember those jeans that I bought and they were kinda loose, and then they got snug, and then they started getting loose again? Tonight I got them off and back on without unbuttoning them.

4. To clarify, the Supreme Court's decision won't become effective for 30 days, which will be the earliest that we can actually get married. I'm hearing differing stories about whether or not this is appealable, so I have no idea whether there's the chance that a judge may issue a stay of the decision (meaning that it won't become effective in 30 days). SweetPea and I have an appointment for the very next business day and, provided that no such issues come up, we'll be getting married.

5. There will most likely be a proposition on November's ballot calling for an amendment to the California constitution stating that marriage is between a man and a woman. Generally, I try to stay out of the heat of politics, and campaigning and whatnot. But I think it's time to get in the ring and get dirty.

Maybe I'll take a page out of Gruppie's book and pimp out the Monkeys.

6. We're still playing hooky tomorrow, but it's because we could both use a rest. SweetPea's been driving about 100 miles per day. Couple that in with three days in a row of Very Long Evenings, and we're both pooped. Her, especially.

So I've got R2D2 (our cooler) running in the bedroom, and I'll be taking care of the kids in the morning. SweetPea will be sleeping in until it's time to get up and go get ready for the end of year BBQ.

Which we're following up with an end of year BBQ.

Wouldn't it be handy, right about now, if I ate meat?


elphie said...

I'm so sad to miss Monkey See's play. Please tell him to "Break a leg!" I bet he's amazing!

loki said...

The decision can't be "appealed." There can be a motion for reconsideration. Fat chance. The Court could modify the opinion in that 30 days. Could happen, probably insignificant. Something could happen when it's remanded, or sent down, to the Court of Appeals. They very well could stay enforcement pending the November initiative. These cases created a remarkable organization, northern and southern California, which is in place to put up a good fight this time. We gotta fight this one tooth and nail, no ifs and buts about it (wow, two cliches in one sentence...)

Two-legs still hasn't finished reading the opinion, but he was shouting out a few "holy s--ts" last night.

dolphyngyrl said...

Loki - And now I feel kind of silly. That all sounded exactly like what we deal with for our ALJ decisions. Duh!

And legal decisions that cause "holy s--ts" are tons of fun!