Thursday, April 10, 2008

Take Another Little Piece of My Heart Now, Baby....

SweetPea and I are playing hookie from work and getting some work done around the house. We did a major declutter on the back porch and actually cleared the walkway from the gate into the yard. We have a rose bush on either side of the path, and they'd become one bush. That was tons of fun, because I did the majority of the trimming yesterday afternoon with no gloves.

Today I got this little guy potted. He's a gardenia, and looks a lot healthier than this picture would indicate.

I also did some trimming on this little possibly dead jasmine. I'm hoping she comes back around. I'd like to stick her and the gardenia on the corner of the house, right by our bedroom window. Then maybe we'll be smelling pretty flowers this summer, instead of the neighbor's weed.

Then I just got the trimming burr under my saddle. This is actually the last thing I trimmed. SweetPea was a little concerned about trimming it too far back. She, uh, actually hasn't seen this yet. I'm not sure what she's worried about. About three years ago, we ruthlessly chainsawed it to the ground, and it appears to have recovered nicely. I cut back about half the bush, by the way.
I also trimmed all the little mini branches off this thing. It had them all the way to the ground, so I took down everything below that lower branch there. This is another zombie plant. I had the personal pleasure of yanking this bitch out of the ground a couple of years back. It was curbside pick up day, and I was tired of the damn thing mocking me. It was dead as dead gets, hadn't budged a bit in over three seasons. So I stomped on over to it, took hold of it, and hauled it up out of the ground. See how well that worked out?

This is the first thing I started trimming. The treebush. It has lots and lots of smaller branches all the way to the ground. We'd kind of like it to look more like a tree, less like a bush. Not that we've got anything against bush. I think I'm going to cut off those two smallest branches, too. SweetPea suggested tying them together so that they'd grow together. But I really think three trunks is more than sufficient for one tree.

I have no idea what the deal is, but, for some reason, anything planted in the ground here will not die. Sure, you can cut it down to a stump. You can even yank the bitch out from the ground. It'll be back.

The treebush was once a tree, which was taken out after it died (it was already a tree bush by the time I arrived on the scene). The bush was chainsawed down to a stump because I hate it and wish it would die. I pulled up the little twiggy tree because it was dead. There's a giant tree bush in the backyard that once was a tree that died and was pulled up. It's actually getting pretty tall. And wide. All the way to the ground with the bush branches. I'd have trimmed that, too, but I'm kind of pooped, plus the backyard is kind of a jungle and I really don't feel like being out in that too long. That one, actually, may be waiting for winter. Just like the ginormous rose house bush on the backside of the house.

I'd also like to know....
If this is true, why the hell can't I have a Lucky's?!? Saveon sucks ass and they closed our Alberton's. I miss Lucky's!

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Wine Dog said...

If you had an Albertson's you'll probably be getting a Lucky. Trust the Wine Dog on this one.