Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I'm beginning to think that maybe I should have tweased my eyebrows before the big meeting tonight? Uh... I'm sure nobody will notice the dense forest sprouting from my forehead. It'll be ok.

So this morning I used a root lifting spray and blew my hair out with the dryer. Once with the regular blow dryer, and then finished with the blow dryer brush. Now my hair is completely freaking straight. Some of you have met my hair, have seen it in all its curly glory and will be wondering why the hell I'd ever purchase anything for the purpose of making my hair bigger. Well, my hair has been coming out in fistfulls for awhile now, and is now noticably thinner. Awesome. SweetPea says it's stress. She has an annoying knack for being right, but, all the same, I will eventually be dragging ass down to the doctor's office to get my thyroid levels checked. I'm going to feel kind of bad about asking him, too, because I laughed in his face when he suggested I get them checked two years ago (they were fine then, btw). Mainly because I have heard the thyroid excuse from so many fat chicks and, at the time, I knew that's what he was thinking. No, dear, I know why I'm fat. Now, though, my hair is running away from home, my nails won't stop chipping, splitting and breaking, and I get cold a lot easier than I used to.

I'm sure SweetPea just loves that last part. She tends to run warm, so she's forever with the windows down when we're driving. I've developed this charming new habit of shrieking "cold!" while frantically pushing the little button to put the window back up.

I think I may have just derailed my own post. Oops!

We're finally a two-vehicle family again. Which means that I got to drive my own damn self to work this morning. Fortunately, I remembered to take Monkey See to school first. It was kind of bittersweet, though. SweetPea does the commute wrong which frustrates me no end because I am, really, that compulsive about it. But I missed getting to spend that extra time with her. All morning long I kept thinking about things and thinking "oh, we can chat about that in the car". Only not so much. And that's poopy.

I have a big, giant headache this morning, and I'm not quite sure what my body is so pissed about. But I did take a bunch of Excedrin, so I should be okish soon.

Tonight is decision time. No, I still haven't made up my mind.

Yes, I know y'all aren't surprised.

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