Friday, April 25, 2008

It's Not ALL About Shopping

Spotted This Morning:

On a gorgeously cherry old convertable Karmann Ghia, the license plate:



It occurred to me yesterday that it might not be unreasonable to consider sinking that stimulus payment into a second laptop. Especially given the changes that are in the works, having two computers up and running just makes sense.

So I did what any reasonable person might do and contacted a Super Geek.

I know codejnki isn't going to tell me what to go out and purchase, but he will tell me what I need to look for. He's also known me for a number of years, and is familiar with my computer skills and issues.

He recommended that I get a Mac.

Now codejnki would probably not put this in so many words, but I'm seeing the logic behind this recommendation as two-fold:

1. I've proven I'm not quite bright enough to competently use linux

2. I probably can't break a Mac

He also said that he thinks it would make me happy.

The Weekend:

Is almost here - Huzzah!

You may not be surprised to know that, at this point, I would gladly crawl into bed Friday night, not to emerge again until Monday morning.

Alas, the Universe has plans for me.

Saturday is Kite Day at Monkey Do's school. It's a PTA event, which means I'll be down there helping out. And not like Santa's Breakfast where I threw a tantrum and spent the entirety of the event curled up in bed. I will actually be there, helping out. Possibly taking pictures. Definitely staying off the grass.

Because I've been a bad girl the last week or so, I'll be getting in at least one good, long walk in. I also plan to work on de-cluttering the kitchen and taming the jungle in the backyard. Note that I said "work on".

I do have a feeling, though, that Saturday after Kite Day will be a total wash for anything that remotely resembles productive. And that's ok.


So I did place my order with Amazon. And I ended up buying exactly none of the recommended books.

Which is totally why I should not be allowed near book stores.

I actually put the paperback of Shock Doctrine in the cart, and even went so far as to place the order, before realizing that it wasn't releasing until June 26th, and the Amazon order thingie seemed to insinuate that my whole order would be shipped at that time. So I went back and deleted that book and put it back on my wish list.

My logic on the book choice being thus: codejnki has seen me in exactly the type of snit that he thinks this book is going to produce, and he still suggested I read it. Which means he either really thinks I need to read it, or he just really enjoys it when I go off on a wild rant.

I managed to end up looking at my wish list, which is where I stockpile books I want but can't get right then. If you saw it, you might think I was nuts because it's filled with kids books, CD's, lesbian erotica, Neil Gaiman,  and books on gender theory. It gets worse if you see what's "saved for later" in my shopping cart. The horrible thing is I'll click on one to read the synopsis, and it always has those links to other books once you're looking at the first book, and I can't help to click on those, too, and pretty soon I have a fat, fat wish list. Whoops!

There was one in particular that I've wanted for awhile now, so I threw that in the cart and checked out as fast as I could.

I really do love books.

Also, I have very little actual impulse control. You may have noticed this?

I think that if I ever won the lottery, Amazon would be dropping a truckload off at my house. And I'd love to feel all guilty about how not green that would be, but I totally wouldn't even a little bit feel guilty about it. In fact, the very next step would probably be to spread them all out on the floor, find me a nice spot in the middle, and read them, one after the other, in the order of what was closest. And I would have a very good time, indeed, even though reading is not napping.

Since I have not yet won the lottery, I generally try to avoid book-distributors as much as reasonably possible.

Much like visiting the pound, I just want to take them all home with me.

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