Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Weekend Report

I woke up yesterday itching to go for a long morning walk. Then I remembered that I'd creamed two sets of headphones since my last long morning walk. No, sorry, it's just not the same. Instead, I headed down to my local big-box store and grabbed up some new headphones. I picked out one set, marked $9.89, and two 97 cent back up sets. Too bad the one set I grabbed rung up at $38.87, instead of $9.89. I totally could have argued the point with her, especially when I went back and verified that there was no reason I should have assumed the price was $30 more than marked. But it was early in the morning, so they don't have the managers hanging around the way they do later in the day, and the lady didn't speak English that well. So I just grabbed the pair I originally had and got those. There's no way I'm paying $40 for something that's lucky to live a year. Sorry.

We brought up the Doggy Dash with Monkey See, who perked up and then suggested we go for the 5K. I'd love to start going for evening walks, but I'm working 10 hour days all this week to make up the time I was off last week with my second flu in as many months.

Actually, I'd love to start running. I don't know why it appeals to me so much but it does. Hell, even when I was skinny I couldn't run without being out of breath and getting shin splints. I've joked about it before because, when you run, you can eat anything, right? Ha ha. I read running blogs and I wish I could do that. Well, also, I wonder how the hell they have time.

Saturday we took Gomi down to sBARKles and bathed her. She did not enjoy that at all. But she's white again, and soft and kind of fluffy. I've also been told she smells good. I haven't been able to smell anything for days, so I'm taking SweetPea's word on this one. We still have to get Tatiana done, but I want to wait until it's warmer. Well, it was warmer until the damn wind kicked up.

Today was Monkey Do's birthday party. It was good. It was crazy. It was loud. I am so glad I'm not stupid enough to try to have her birthday parties at the house.

Now SweetPea and I are pooped. We're very glad the Monkeys are at their father's house until Monday afternoon. We're going to spend the remainder of the evening vegetating.


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Gruppie Girl said...

Happy Birthday Monkey!

I know what you mean about birthdays at home. They are crazy! Last year Little Guy had 18 kids, their siblings and their parents all in their backyard. It was a mob sceen. (OK, I secretly loved it)