Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Random Tuesday

Friday Contest:

Friday Contest will be back this Friday. As a new twist, I will not be reviewing the prize package contests or the distributor before publishing the Contest Prize. Not because I think it will scare you away, but, rather, so that y'all have the chance to make up your own minds about the product, should you be the one to win the prize.

If you have any feedback as to how I can make Friday Contest better or more exciting, please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email. I would certainly appreciate any ideas you might have.

GruppieGirl might be excited to note that the very next time I have to call tow, the Volvo may very well end up as a prize for Friday Contest.

How Granola?:

How hard did this fall off the radar? Yeah. That hard. I do have some updates for y'all, and I guess I'll be working on posts related to that in the coming weeks.

Eat Less, Move More:

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I didn't pilfer anything really bad out of the snack shop, although I did get a rice crispy treat to go with my lunch. That's ok, though, because those are relatively ok. I drank over two liters of water, so that's good. And I walked to dog down to go pick Monkey Do up from school. Well. Someone was walked. I'm not entirely sure it was the dog.

In Other News:

I'm actively searching for a doggie obedience class for Tatiana. That girl needs some manners like crazy. I'm a little nervous, though, because I have heard some things about doggie training courses. Some downright ugly, some just in the manner or wheel-spinning.

In the Verbose World, we are entirely opposed to wheel-spinning.

Y'all, I am just too lazy to do work for nothing.

Tatiana also needs a bath. So I guess I'm also on the hunt for a good groomer, or one of those wash-them-yourself places. I think the wash-them-yourself place will be the winner, so that leaves finding one, and finding when they're the quietest.

For some reason, dogs really like to act like they want to beat Tatiana down. Tatiana's reaction appears to be something that might translate to "Wow! I could totall eat you!"

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