Friday, March 21, 2008

Random Questions

How long do you figure it might take a fat, lazy, totally out of shape broad with no spare time to get into marathon shape?

Anybody feel like a Friday Contest With a Twist?

Is it freaking bedtime, yet?


I saw a sign tonight that I swore said "Northpointe Beauty & Mortgage". I wanted to get a snap for Wine Dog, cause I knew she'd love that. When I got close enough, I saw that it was Realty, which, you know, makes so much more sense.


Wine Dog said...


dolphyngyrl said...

"Hello, yes, we have very nice special for you. You refi house, pay only interest, real cheap, for three whole year and you get free full set acrylic nail. Beautiful nail, all the boy like the beautiful nail. OK, I sign you up now? Oh, french tip? French tip extra. For you, I make good deal. Only $20 extra. OK? OK, good."