Thursday, March 06, 2008

Friday Contest Announcement for March 7th, 2008

Up for grabs today is two treats from Etsy seller tropicalbomb!

I ran across this shop by way of Etsy's rotating "new listings" on the front page. The listing was for a solid bar of hand lotion. I got very excited because, hello, I have never seen such a beast before. I promptly ordered up a two pack, so that I could share one with y'all. You'll be getting this one. It comes in a nifty little tin that's perfect for tucking in a purse, a pocket, or a jockey box. The lotion really is solid. You rub it on your hands like you would solid hand soap, only no suds, water or rinsing. Just rub it in. Perfect for travel!

Because I couldn't leave well enough alone, I looked to see what else they sold, and bought a two pack of lip treats. I love lip chap, so I often toss a tube into an order if it's possible. My order ended up coming with an extra tube as a freebie, so that's what you're getting. This one. It smells fantastic, very cocunutie. I would keep it for my greedy self, because I love coconut, but SweetPea is allergic to coconut. I have a feeling that putting coconut on my lips might not be the greatest idea in the world.
I'm also including the cute little travel pouch thing that came with my order.

Contest rules are available here.

I am extending this contest a bit, and entries will be open through 7pm Pacific time on Tuesday, March 11th. But that's just because the time change will probably knock me on my ass.


Good luck!

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