Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Doggy Dash 2008

This morning I stumbled accross something that made me stop and have a more involved look. And the more I looked, the more excited I got.

Doggy Dash 2008

It's not until May, so there's plenty of time for training, both obedience training for the dogs, and just-plain-fitness training for all four of us. I know that I can walk the 2K by myself in less than half an hour, but with both dogs and SweetPea, that's going to slow things down. I think it would be good for all of us to get used to walking more and more. Heck, maybe we can even walk the 5K.


I used the nifty little tool over at Gmaps Pedometer and found out that walking the block my office is on is 2K. I know I can do that in about 30 minutes and did so fairly recently. I also know that I was able to do two laps in about 40 minutes when I was walking more regularly.

I'm going to discuss this in more detail with SweetPea (who was over the moon when I told her she could get a doggie tee shirt for Gomi). If she's willing to go for it, we'll set up a "training" schedule (ok, mainly for us) and then re-evaluate our plans at the beginning of April. We can decide then if we'll be doing the 2K, or if we feel up to the challenge of the 5K.

I think I'm going to look into other "fun run" type events. It seems like they're forever sneaking up on me, and I think they'd be fun for us. Of course, I always forget which ones I most want to do but found about too late.

Maybe I should keep a list?

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