Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday Morning Ramble

For Christmas this year, my dad and stepmom got me a collection of cloth grocery bags. A handfull of the regular totes, and two insulated totes. SweetPea and I have also made a habit of picking up a pair of new totes when we go shopping. In particular, we pick up a pair when the store stocks them by the registers (because, yes, we will totally forget otherwise!) or if the bag is a new one that we don't have.

Raley's is nice because they put out a variety of bags and change some styles with the seasons. Our insulated bags came from Trader Joe's. Since I don't shop there, I have no idea what else they have. We also picked up two blue bags when we went to Ikea recently. If you've been there, you know what I'm talking about. They're freaking huge. Way too big, I think for some shopping, but nice if I'm buyings lots of light, bulky items (toilet paper, box dinners, etc.).

Monkey Do and I got up early and headed down to the local Super Walmart (and by "local", I mean "the one we go to, even though there's another one the exact same distance from us just on a different road") for our weekly shopping run. I was very impressed with myself because I actually remembered to bring the damn bags.

The first shopping trip I've remembered!

Shopping would have been so much more fun, by the way, if the family in line behind me hadn't decided to crowd up to the check out area while I was helping get my groceries back in the cart. Uh, personal space, much? I wanted to just go ahead and thank them, since, clearly, they planned on paying for my order. Wasn't that sweet?

Uh, no.

After groceries, Monkey Do and I trotted over the Starbucks. Because it is the Starbucks, and totally one of the main reasons we shop at that Walmart specifically. Yes, there is a Starbucks right next to the other Walmart, and both are pretty much the exact same distance from the house as the Starbucks and Walmart that I actually go to.

But that Starbucks is not the Starbucks, so I head off in the other direction.


Oh, we can discuss that some other time. There'll be a lot of explaining to do. Um. Or maybe not. Nope, wait, probably there will be.


So Monkey Do and I had a fine morning, procuring sustenance for the family, including donuts, mmmm!, followed by a nice little visit with drinks and treats. We had a little chat and then did some people watching. Then we grabbed some drinks for SweetPea and Monkey See and a cup. of. whipped. cream. for Monkey Do. Because she is insane. But we love her anyway.

Huh. Yeah, that was totally a ramble, right there. Hope you enjoyed!

PS: Did you enter the contest, yet?

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