Friday, January 11, 2008

Etsy Review - Coffin Color

I ran across Coffin Color during my Christmas shopping searches and just knew that I'd have to try them out. I'm usually not real big on eye shadow, because I always feel like I look like a dork with it on. And I am not exactly what you would call particularly adept at putting it on so that it looks good. Generally when I do my makeup I stick with what I know: eyeliner & mascara (ok, ok, and face powder and eyebrow powder and lipstick. happy?). Every now & again, though, I go through an eye shadow kick. When I saw the Coffin Color colors, I knew I had found my next kick.

Coffin Colors aren't the type of colors that are made to be blended nicely for a subtle effect.

Coffin Colors are loud and pushy in all the right ways. They stand up and say "HEY! Now tell me I'm pretty, bitch!"

And, you know what? How do you not love that in an eye shadow?

My Coffin Color order arrived last night, a mere five days after I had placed the order. It came with an extra sample (which is what I'll be giving away in the contest) and a Coffin Color button (which you can't have because it's mine).

Of course, I had to try some out right away. I used my fancy eye shadow brush to slide some Girl Pants all over my face on my lower eyelids, and then used Poison Purple on my upper lids.

I was really impressed by how much the color on my eyes was the same as the color in the jar. It didn't fade or get absorbed into my eye lid or whatever it is that happens with regular eye shadow. The color was bright and true and, yes, somewhat lighter than in the jar, sure, but what do you expect, exactly, it's powder? I'm pretty sure that, had I applied a second "coat", it would have been exactly the same shade as the powder in the jar. But I don't need that. So I didn't.

I have tried the bright, funky, wild eye shadows before and have always been disappointed at how they disappear and fade out when I put them on. That is not an issue with Coffin Color, and I love that! I don't have to try to guess what color it's going to be when I put it on, because it already is that color. For me, that is so awesome, not to mention helpful, because I am so not suave when it comes to these things, and I can use all the help I can get. Seriously.

This is what happens with loose powder eye shadow when you're as suave as I am:

And they are serious about the eye shadow's staying power! I had to use actual soap to get the strays off.

Much better after a clean up:

And, of course, because they have much better lighting than my bathroom, a picture from Mr. Pickle:

Obviously, the pictures do not do the colors justice. These are serious colors and they really pop. I am totally wearing these to work today, and I cannot wait. I'm sure I'll get lots of looks and double-takes, especially since I really don't wear much makeup. But that's ok.

At least I'll be pretty!


Codejnki said...

Ummmm, why does that first photo look like you've been hit in the face by a large man nicknamed bubba holding a can of domestic name brand beer?

dolphyngyrl said...

That is totally going to be my costume for next year!

No, it's because I'm a tragic, klutzy, dumbass, and managed to get the Girls Pants all over my face.


How wrong does that sound?

Codejnki said...

Would it be considered PC for a lesbian to dress up as a battered wife for halloween?

dolphyngyrl said...

Have I ever been considered PC before?

Codejnki said...

Not really, nor would I expect you to start.

dolphyngyrl said...

You know my son is nicknamed Bubba, right?

Codejnki said...

But your son is:
1) Not large
2) Wouldn't be caught dead drinking canned domestic name brand beer

As your mother you'd beat his ass if you ever caught him with canned domestic name brand beer and then hand him a micro-brew.

dolphyngyrl said...

Ah, the benefits of being a beer snob.