Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Thursday.... Thursday.... Thursday....

Ah, the joys of being mom...

Got up early. Off to WalMart to complete final "oops! I forgot!" Christmas shopping. Plus potluck stuff.

Came home. Wrapped & finished up handmade gifts. Remembered that I have nieces.

More shopping after SweetPea came home. Then off to SweetPea's mom's house for Christmas eve. Had a nice visit before procuring the Monkeys from their dad.

Got the stockings hung, and the Monkeys tucked in.

Then more wrapping.

And more wrapping.

Now it's the asscrack of late o'clock, my alarm clock is set to go off in approximately 15 minutes, and the Christmas festivities will begin!

We'll spend most of the day on the road & visiting. It will be a long, long day, to be sure.

Then on Wednesday, we get to go to SweetPea's grandma's house by 7am to get "dinner" in the oven so we can have Christmas Day Three.

Thursday? Thursday, I sleep.

The first human to wake me up may not survive to see Friday.

I'm just saying.

Merry Christmas, y'all!

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