Monday, December 10, 2007

but it's always strep...

All quiet on the western front?

I spent the morning working on the new layout and colors... I really wish that the computer was up to full speed again so that I could create more mastheads. Then again, it's not like I really have time for all of that, what with Christmas coming and all.

Monkey See is home today sick. His immune system is fairly like mine. He gets very mildly sick, but usually not enough to really warrant a stay home day. Today he's pretty bad. Fever, sore, scratchy throat. If it's this bad for him, the rest of us are doomed! I've been feeling off-kilter for a while now, so I'm hoping it doesn't get worse for me.

Here's hoping it's not strep!

I emailed his teachers to get his assignments and got prompt responses. Of course, it took me about 15 minutes to figure out that was because school was already out! I really do enjoy school in the digital age, because it's so much easier to just fire off an email. I really don't have the time for phone calls or visits to the school. Email is quick & easy and I can ask questions and keep up on assignments and grades with ease. Some of his teachers use online grade/assignment tracking websites. One of them emails home a weekly progress report.

I love this!

Now I'm going to grab a blanket and catch a catnap before it's time to pick up Monkey Do.

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