Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday Morning Post

Now, I've seen other people's blog rolls, so I know I don't read that many blogs. But I follow a fair few. Some are part of my daily routine, and some I catch up on now and again. The one issue that vexes me, though, is the dearth of weekend posts.

I know that a lot of people blog "professionally", or see it as part of their workday routine. Or maybe on the weekends they do weekend things and don't get too near the computer.

Personally, I've always been the early riser of the household. which is good for me, because I really enjoy having my quiet mornings, before the kids are up, before SweetPea is up, when it's just me and the cats and, essentially, quiet reading.

The reading is just different now.

So on Saturday and Sunday mornings, I usually make myself some coffee and some breakfast, and settle down with the internet to surf and catch up and whatever. It's like the Sunday paper. You settle in with your coffee and your early morning lazy and you take a nice slow start to your day.

But none of the blogs have updated since Friday! Heck, even some news sites don't really update over the weekend.

That's what I always liked about PostSecret, was it's garaunteed weekendness. That's why mwip was always updated on the weekend.

I like weekend updates. Always have. I hated when I was a stay at home mom, and the morning news shows I watched all week didn't broadcast over the weekend.

Do I need less news because it's Saturday?


Am I up less early because it's Saturday?

Uh... No.

So why can't I have some updates, even though it's Saturday?

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Gruppie Girl said...

My Little Guy gets up before the crack of dawn so I completely feel for you. Life can be boring before the sun comes up. A little entertainment would be good.

A little off topic, but I saw that you are a 32 yo pisces. Me too!!