Monday, November 19, 2007

Rescue me!

So the Big Dog posted today about her brother's new puppy and commented "Sometimes you get the greatest dogs in rescue."

Personally, I think all rescue critters have great potential. I think there are too many people who would be surprised at what extraordinary critters can be had through rescue.

All of our critters (with the exception of whatever fish are still alive right now) were rehomed from somewhere. Including Superfat, who came direct from the city pound. In fact, Superfat was a two time loser, having been dumped, adopted, and dumped again.

I remember making the choice to pick him. There were tons of cute kittens that day. We'd gone to a couple of rescues before hitting the pound. Every time we got near his cage he stuck his big old paw out, grabbing for us. We had been looking for a girl. We had been looking for something other than grey & white like Gimpy. But that mouth, pushy cat was determined to go home with us. Once named Mittons and apparently not fed well (if at all), our You/Youmers/Superfat has an eating disorder whereby he is just not happy unless he has free access to a filled cat bowl. He pulls his water dish out into the walkway when it's empty, or climb into the tub and meow for someone to turn on the water. He loves to sleep on my head, and comes to get me when it's time to get up. Once I get up in the morning, he has some breakfast and some water, a trip to the sand box and then he curls up near me and sleeps the morning away. He's had a hard night, after all, keeping the zombies and boogeymen away. He loves to lick my hand and eat hair. He even has his own Barbie fashion doll that we tease is his girlfriend.

I couldn't imagine our house without him. He's a loyal, loving friend and I'm almost sad that two whole families missed out on a truly great catch.

But their loss is our gain!

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