Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How What?

Last night someone visited my blog by way of a google search for "pms i want my period to start already". I was on the very first page of search results!

I had planned on starting How Granola? Wednesdays this morning, but things didn't quite work out yesterday with the whole "going to work" thing. So I guess I'll see what I can do about that this morning. Provided I actually get there today.

I do keep thinking of things that I know I need to change my ways about, but I have no idea how to start or what to do. For instance, I'm sure that the Jergen's lotion I use on my hands can be replaced by a better way. But what? I need something really really moisturizing because my hands get super dry. They're often (including now) cracked and bleeding in several places because they just get so damn dry that the skin splits. My hands hurt and itch and it's, frankly, kind of gross. Right now my issue is that the Jergen's stays at work, and, well, I've only been once in the last 10 days. So, clearly, that's not helpful. But even when I'm at work, I still have the issues because it just doesn't work that well.

And don't even get my started on my hair! Earlier this year I tried to find hair products that had not been tested on animals, but within a couple of months I was back to Herbal Essences. Hey, it works. What's a girl to do? My hair is wavy and very very frizzy. I'm pretty sure most of my hair products are not only tested on animals, but petroleum based, too. That can't be good. But I'm just not willing to go for the frizzed-out, fried hair, hippie look of my mother's era. I know there's a better way, I just have no idea what.

I need to start doing some research and finding out what issues I'm looking to tackle. Creating less waste? OK, check. Eating more locally? Sounds good, check. Using less gas? Uuuuhhhh..... 35 miles a day is not a good commute for exploring alternatives. Particularly because public transit in this county sucks, and I have to drop my son off at school in the morning, making even carpooling more difficult. So I guess we need to get our priorities straight before we can really begin this little adventure. But that's ok, because we've got, what? About five weeks until the new year?

In other news, I am getting frustrated with PTA. It seems like the president and former president have no interest whatsoever in involving others in decisions, planning, or working for the things that need to be done for PTA. I feel totally just like some chick who keeps showing up and meetings and just comes for the free cookies. It doesn't matter what gets discussed, what great ideas are brought up, nothing. They just go ahead between meetings and take care of everything the exact same way it's always been done. Screw trying to make it better! This has even been directly brought to their attention and nothing has changed! Grrr! We are putting on "Santa's Breakfast" on December 8th. Well, because nobody has asked us to be there to do anything, and we haven't volunteered to do anything, I think we're just going to go and enjoy the breakfast, instead of going down there & busting our butts where help's not wanted. They haven't even mentioned doing pictures with Santa. I assumed they'd ask me to do that, because I did pictures for Harvest Festival, and everyone talked about how great that turned out. I wonder if they're just assuming I'll do that again for them? Uh, I hope not. Nice people ask. In particular, nice people who want to make sure things turn out the way they expect.

SweetPea says I should put in for president next year. I certainly would do things differently, I think. I'm just not sure I'm ready to take on that much more. I'm going to wait and see how things are going for us when the elections happen in May. Then I'll see what I feel like doing.

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