Monday, May 24, 2010

Folsom Zoo

So I mentioned the part about how the Folsom Zoo is really bizarre, right?

And I don't mean to be inconsiderate about this, because it really is a cute little zoo.

The thing you have to remember, though, is that it's not just a zoo.

It's also an animal sanctuary.

So while they have normal zoo fodder like tigers and monkeys and peacocks, you get slightly more unusual zoo animals.

Like cats.

No. Not "Big Cats".

Kitty cats.

And dogs.

Well, ok, not regular dogs. Wolf dog hybrids which normal people aren't supposed to own in the state of California.

That law doesn't apply to me, though, right? Right?

They've got big black crows and mountain lions and barn owls and deer and...

You know it's kind of like they just fenced in the locals.


They were only missing a flock of turkeys and it could be, hell, the local mall.

There's also the three-legged bobcat, the monkey with seizures, and the squirrel (swear) with cataracts.

Did I tell you?

Totally bizarre.

But also? A totally awesome mission. If you're local, you should check it out. Definitely $4 worth of neat-o.


WD said...

Hi, nice pics, though the wolfdog in that small cage is extremely upsetting.

Most wolfdogs in CA are legally owned, it is only the relatively few that are F1 that require a permit.

California regulation:
Ownership of pure wolves is illegal except by the few people qualifying for a valid permit from Fish and Game. Among the criteria for such a permit are rigid requirements for facilities and experience in raising such animals, along with approval of the USDA. "Any F1 (first) generation wolf hybrid whelped on or before February 4, 1988 may be possessed under permit from the department. No state permit is required to possess the progeny of F1 generation wolf hybrids, but cities and counties may prohibit possession or require a permit."

Many of the 5 million dogs and cats that require shelter annually suffer from the same or similar conditions imposed on wolfdogs.

So essentially you've just made a case against ALL pet ownership.
There are irresponsible, negligent, abusive people in all walks of life.

Don't punish the responsible people because of this.

Read about responsibly-owned wolfdogs:

dolphyngyrl said...

Hi WD.

First, you should understand that my memory tends to be faulty. Your comments, though, reminded me that Nicholas and Kya, the wolfdogs at Folsom Zoo Sanctuary, are there because they were owner surrenders to local animal shelters. The animal shelters have strict non-adopt policies regarding wolfdogs, so Folsom Zoo Sanctuary was contacted as an alternative to euthanizing them.

As far as the cage goes, while assuredly not nearly as large as a dog of this nature might require, it was still significantly larger than shown in the photo. Unfortunately, my cell phone camera does not have a wide angle lens, which makes it difficult to accurately depict the full cage.

Finally, perhaps you should reread the blog post before you decide that I'm attempting to punish anyone for anything. And then perhaps you should try reading more than just that blog post. It might enlighten you to my feelings regarding dogs and, particularly, the "banned breed" dogs.

Thanks for commenting. Perhaps instead of inappropriately proselytizing on someone else's blog, you should consider getting your own blog.

WD said...

The only thing I've gotten from your lecture of denial is the fact that you can't handle any criticism.

And your welcome!